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A woman’s rights end
at the door of the abortion clinic .

     Working from a script, clinic counselors are trained
to calm the panic and erase those second thoughts about having an abortion. If a young girl calls a clinic’s help number, she is likely to be lured to the clinic with, “Why don’t you stop by for a simple pregnancy test?” Once inside the clinic, counselors have ways to convince her that she’s pregnant, even if she is not. If the weepy young girl responds, ”But I don’t want to tell my parents,” she most likely will be told she doesn’t have to, that she’s old enough to have an abortion without them knowing it. (This happens in states where no parental consent is necessary for young teens.)
        Every woman has two questions for the abortion doctor: “Is it a baby?” and “ Does it hurt?” The answer to both is alway “No”, says Carol Everett, former owner and director of abortion clinics in Texas. Women are told there will be only slight cramping, when in reality an abortion is excruciatingly painful, according to Everett, who had been through one herself. Today she speaks out against the profit-driven abortion industry, knowing first hand that pregnant mothers are being exploited for profit. But in today’s era of entitlement excesses, a lot of women won’t easily trade their reproductive rights, even for the life of an innocent unborn.
      For the record, the right to have an abortion did not originate with Roe vs. Wade. It was already permitted in cases where a woman’s life was at stake. But when the 1973 Supreme Court fabricated the “right to privacy” and followed it with abortion-on-demand through all nine months of pregnancy, the feminists of the 70's were too busy celebrating Roe to notice that women’s rights were suddenly hijacked by the abortion doctors.

     Score 1 for Dr. Abort: Joining the Roe case as it went to court, an abortion doctor complained that criminal laws against abortion were costing him money. His livelihood depended on dead babies, not live ones. The Roe court agreed, granting him and other doctors the “right” to perform abortions with protection under the law, at the same time taking away an unborn baby’s inalienable right to life under the same Constitution.
     Score 2 for Dr. Abort: The court then decreed a brand new “right to privacy,” giving abortion clinic counselors the opportunity to ease a mother’s conscience by privately coaching her behind closed doors. Abortion doctors tend to sugar-coat the procedure, and are not required to show the mother sonogram images of her live fetus. Studies show dramatic drops in abortion when mothers view sonograms of their unborn infants. Bills supplying government funds for sonograms in crisis pregnancy centers (and requiring doctors to use them) always get tied up in the house and senate. Passing these bills would be a direct hit on the abortion industry.
     Score 3 for Dr. Abort: Even if a mother believes her unborn is a living, human being, Roe does not. So every mother has lost any right to claim any personal loss when her unborn is killed. In the state of New Jersey,
an abortion doctor is free to kill a mother’s child without her consent for an abortion, and without being held legally accountable!
     Score 4 for Dr. Abort: Abortion doctors and clinics such as Planned Parenthood are even free to bring lawsuits defending their abortion practices in court by representing the women involved, without those women being parties to the lawsuit.

      Abortion isn’t cheap. You pay the rest of your life. Abortion clinics have been hailed as the compassionate and safe answer to dreaded “coat hanger” back-alley abortions. There are more abortions performed in the USA than any other surgical procedure. Yet the abortion industry remains the largest unregulated industry in the USA. In most places, healthcare guidelines for a veterinary clinic are more rigid than those for an abortion clinic. Rarely reported is the actual number of maternal deaths and complications from botched abortions, such as a perforations of the uterus, damaged urinary tracts and bowels resulting in a colostomy.     
       The psychological harm suffered by a woman who has acted against her conscience shows up in many forms. Her baby’s abortion anniversary gets forever etched in her mind. Some become suicidal. Others develop a hatred toward men and may even become sexually dysfunctional. Studies show a link between abortion and breast cancer later in life. Milk-producing cells produced during pregnancy remain in the breasts and become risky cancer-vulnerable cells after an abortion.

     The cost of an-abortion varies with the clinic location and the stage of pregnancy, and the abortionist can make 20% to 50% of the total cost. First trimester abortions run about $400 to $600. Later, more involved procedures can go as high as $7,000. Anesthesia costs extra if you want to be put to sleep.
    As if they haven’t given enough, pregnant mothers provide a cash crop of fetal baby parts which are sold and used for medical research. Abortion clinics receive payments from research labs for providing discarded fetal parts, which are refrigerated and shipped according to client specifications. Highly valued specimens are babies grown to full term, then murdered as the mother gives birth, which is the horrific procedure known as partial birth abortion. The profit and demand for these slaughtered infants is a key reason partial birth abortion has not yet been outlawed nationwide.

        Planned Profithood: Planned Parenthood would like you to think of them as privately funded. But these days they receive over $300 million of your tax dollars annually from Title X funds in the form of government grants and contracts, accounting for about a third of their income in a given year. That’s on top of some $600 million from clinic services, abortion fees and private donations.
        In fiscal 2005-2006 Planned Parenthood spent a total of $365,000 lobbying their pro-choice cause to politicians and anyone else who controls the purse strings. During critical election periods they spend tens of $millions targeting voters with radio and TV ads in support of pro-choice candidates who are happy to return the favor. That favor cost U.S. taxpayers more than $3billion in Title X funds over the past four decades. Don’t like the way your pro-life tax dollars are being aborted? Send Capitol Hill an email.

     We’re funding torture: Yes, a fetus feels pain. Response of the human fetus to pain, as well as touch, sound, light, heat, cold and taste can be viewed on ultrasound images, EKG chart patterns, and by other scientific methods. Doctors who perform saline injection abortions describe heightened fetal reaction indicating discomfort as the fetus dies. Sonographic films showing the use of suction devices are even harder to stomach. The live baby can be seen thrashing in the womb just before its head is torn off and the child is dismembered. But it's a woman's right not to watch. (Read "The Ugly Truth…")

    A doctor can be sued for SAVING a life: In some instances a live child is killed. Once a day in the USA something goes wrong and a live baby survives an abortion. In such cases the child is killed in a cold blooded murder that never makes the news. As mentioned earlier, even if a mother believes her unborn is a living, human being, Roe does not. So every mother has lost any right to claim any personal loss when her unborn is killed.
In the state of New Jersey, a doctor is free to kill a mother’s child without her consent for an abortion, without being held legally accountable. On the other hand if the mother requests an abortion and the child is born alive against her will, the doctor is liable for damages – often the case when the child is not perfect. Imagine, the doctor can only be sued if he fails to kill the child!
        Such a case occured in July, 2007, when the first child of a Florida couple was born with the genetic Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome. They filed a "wrongful birth" lawsuit against their doctor and the University of South Florida claiming the infant's condition was not properly diagnosed due to the lack of prenatal testing prior to birth. The parents asserted that had they known what to expect,
they would have chosen to abort . As a result of the live birth of their child, the couple was awarded $23.5 million by the Florida court. (Since a Florida state school can pay only $200,000, the couple is taking their case to the legislature.)

      "Sophie's Choice" without the guilt: Founded in 1916 by Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood offered birth control as a way of child spacing, or healthy “family planning” – a euphemism for killing your children selectively, without guilt. Sanger was known as a proponent of “other than white” population control around the world, and had been linked to white supremacy groups. Allegations of racism has plagued Planned Parenthood for years. Even though the organization serves women of all social levels, its clinics are more readily found in or near minority neighborhoods.

       It’s easy to get rid of your baby. Sexual disease is something else.
Once Roe was on the books, women’s rights came to mean “reproductive rights” with no limits on sexual behavior. The abortion stigma vanished and before we knew it one of every four Unborn in the USA were being aborted. Planned Parenthood became the McDonald’s of reproductive freedom with abortion clinics throughout the USA and spanning the globe. No one spends more on abortion politics and preaching the “benefits” of abortion to our youth, who in turn keep the abortion mills buzzing. As a public service, Planned Parenthood promotes the dangerous use of condoms to teens. High school presentations warning children about AIDS encourage “healthy” alternative ways to fulfill their sexual fantasies. “Kissing, hugging, touching, masturbating, oral sex, are often very exciting,” their educational material suggests.
       Want to have more than one sex partner? No problem. Just be sure to use a condom. Why do they promote the “safe sex” lie when they know the 10% to 30% failure rate of condoms is a prime reason for the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases? Just like any thriving business, the return rate of customers is important to business growth. In past years, Planned Parenthood reported that over 40% of the women returned for a second abortion. Women have reported recovery room experiences where after an abortion, clinic personnel try to suppress any negative feelings they may have, and comfort them with: “We’re always here for you if this should happen again.”
       Preaching abstinence is scorned by abortion advocates who insist it expects too much from hormonal teens. Abstinence threatens the licentious life style they preach and sends the message that teens can think for themselves amidst all that peer pressure. Pro-choice forces have gone so far as to challenge abstinence educational programs in court for encouraging religious ideals.
Abortion is rarely for a woman's health.
Today, the excuses to abort are more flimsy:
      "My boyfriend doesn't believe it's his."
      "I’m too young to be tied down.”
      "One baby is one too many.”
      "It's my body. My choice. My career. ”
      "I was putting on too much weight with the pill.”
      "Another baby will put a strain on our life style.”
      "He’s already paying too much child support to his ‘Ex’.”

       In the end, the dreaded abortion clinic experience is the claim to fame of the feminist movement. Women had far more rights, greater choice and fewer trips to the therapist before Roe vs. Wade. Every woman remains subject to a law which regards her doctor’s livelihood more of a right than the life of her unborn baby.
        She has no right
to be fully informed about the life she is carrying. She has no right to claim her abortion as a personal loss since Roe doesn’t regard her unborn as a human being. She has no right to speak for herself in court, as abortion clinics defend their abortion practices in court by representing the women involved without those women being parties to the lawsuit. On and on…

     Women have proven they can pursue a career if they must, and still be a loving mother. They owe it to themselves and their UNborn to see that Roe is UNdone, and their rights are taken back from the abortion profiteers.