Like it or not…you're paying for someone else's abortion.

In some cases,the grant money is just enough to cover the lighting, heating, building maintenance and rent, thus keeping a failing clinic open to continue its anti-family activities.  Truth is, the profit-driven, struggling abortion industry needs Capitol Hill as it’s silent partner.
Stop the abortion clinic bail-out.
Contact Capitol Hill now and exercise your “right to choose” NOT to have your tax dollars pay for someone else's abortion. Pro-life politicians are spread thin and church leaders are muted for fear of government sanctions. That leaves you taxpayers.
Tip: Join with others in your district. Working as a group through your legislator's local office gets their attention faster than a single email or phone call direct to Washington. Below are sample email messages that you can easily edit and personalize.

      Planned Parenthood, gets a lot of bang for its buck from Capitol Hill. In fiscal 2005-2006 they spent a total of $365,000 lobbying politicians who returned the favor with over $300 million of your tax dollars. Every year, the nation’s largest abortion chain receives over $300 million in Title X funds in the form of government grants and contracts. That's on top of some $600 million in income from clinic medical and testing services, abortion fees, and private donations.
I thought Title X funds couldn't be used to fund abortions!

Strictly speaking they're not. Your tax-dollar handout is a bonus, spread across a slew of “family planning” programs that put minors on birth control and lead to promiscuous sex. Sort of like basic training for their specialty – abortion services. To curb HIV, clinics generously pass out condoms, which are known to fail 1 to 3 times out of 10.

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The new right to choose:
While abortion may be legal, I agree with most Americans who now feel it is our “right to choose” NOT to pay for, or otherwise contribute to an abortion. Poll numbers show nearly 70% of Americans believe abortion destroys a human life. This majority viewpoint stems from the awareness of DNA and other scientific evidence at a molecular level that life begins at conception.
      Legislators should respect the right of those Americans who choose to end public funding of abortion services, and the unnecessary harvesting of embryonic stem cells for research.


Pro-life tax dollars:

If abortion is a strictly personal decision, why must the general public fund it with their tax dollars? Like nearly 70% of Americans, I believe abortion destroys a human life. Yet my taxes help pay for some total stranger's elective abortion, and a lot more it seems.
     Beyond abortion services, taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood covers “educational” programs that aquaint our youth with alternative ways to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Planned Parenthood promotes the “safe sex” lie about condoms knowing the 10% to 30% failure rate contributes to the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
      It’s time the U.S. Government stop its $250 million-a-year business partnership with Planned Parenthood. Will you work to divert these misplaced funds and agree not to accept reelection campaign contributions from abortion industry sources?


Abortion = healthcare?:

Our laws allow abortion for reasons primarily in the interest of a woman’s health. As defined in the 1973 Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade decision, “health” covers any physical, emotional or distressful consideration. Yet all of these conditions are negatively affected by an abortion! As long as her pregnancy is no threat to her life, it is illogical and inconsistant to maintain that abortion is in the interest of a woman’s healthcare.
    Will you work to withhold funding to Planned Parenthood and other abortion service providers causing so many women so much physical and emotional pain?


The embryo is a human being:

In the dark days of the Roe vs. Wade decision, the 1973 Supreme Court justices cited the scientific uncertainty about when human life begins as an excuse to remove existing legal restrains from abortion. However, Roe’s companion case, Doe vs. Bolton, clearly stated that the court must reconsider new scientific data once it is available in the future. What was then uncertainty about the beginning of human life is now scientific fact backed by embryologists worldwide who agree life begins at the moment of conception (and at cloning as well.)
    It is time for our legislature to acknowledge the truth and formally classify the embryo as a human being, as stipulated by the "Roe" Supreme Court.

Sonogram before aborting:

You’re probably aware that, by law, a pregnant mother cannot sign adoption papers giving away her child until after the child is born. The reason being: A mother can’t fully appreciate what she is giving up until she actually sees and holds her baby.
    Applying that same reasoning, every woman seeking an abortion should, by law, at least be made to view her live baby on a sonogram or ultrasound. Would you propose or support legislation requiring an abortion clinic doctor to have a pregnant mother sign a paper indicating she has viewed her unborn on a sonogram, and that she fully realizes what she is giving up?


Unborn citizens:

America is the most dangerous country in the world for an unborn child. One out of four are legally destroyed by a trip to an abortion clinic before they ever experience life as an American citizen. The number of unborn aborted every year nearly equals the number of newly processed immigrants who suddenly enjoy all the legal protections our innocent unborn are denied.
      Would you be in favor of legislation bestowing citizenship rights on the unborn child of any American mother, upon confirmation of her pregnancy?


Don’t fund torture:
Gruesome visual evidence on clinic monitor screens expose the pain suffered by the fetus during an abortion. While legal, it is not a doctor's right, nor should it be a woman’s right to inflict this kind of torture on an innocent unborn.
    It should be my right, however, NOT to pay for, or otherwise participate in a woman’s choice to abort. It’s time to end all funding to the abortion torture mills whose profits are so dependent upon public tax dollars. A majority of Americans now believe abortion is painful murder! End such funding now.


Unborn is a “person”:

There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that denies personhood to the unborn at any stage. If an unborn baby can be a legal heir to a $million fortune and have property listed in its name, why doesn’t it have Constitutional protection from abortion?
      Scientists now know the child in utero is a complete, separate and unique human being with its own DNA beginning at conception. That tiny cell "person" contains the complete genetic code of the adult "person" it becomes – a lifetime later. It is as much a person as he or she will ever be, and deserves the right to life guaranteed specifically by the Fourteenth Amendment.
     Would you support a bill providing the unborn with their due recognition and legal status as “persons”?


Clinic criminal acts:
There are more abortions performed in the USA than any other surgical procedure. Yet abortion is the largest unregulated industry in the nation.
    There are inside reports of “phantom” abortions performed on nonpregnant young girls just to collect the fees. Many procedures are performed on underage girls who have been impregnated by older men in violation of the law. As long as they receive payment for their services, abortion providers have no incentive to report to the authorities cases where older men have impregnated underage girls. Clinic counselors don't ask for everyone's age and routinely put minors on birth control. On and on…
    It is time we stop rewarding the unaccountable abortion industry with hundreds of $millions of our tax dollars each year. U.S. taxpayers should not be made unwilling partners to their crimes.


More funding for heart research:
Heart disease is not America’s leading killer, as medical reports claim. More Americans die from abortion at the current rate of 1.3 million unborn deaths every year.
     Our government invests over $2 billion a year fighting heart disease trying to save lives. At the same time, we spend hundreds of $millions a year subsidizing the abortion industry which is in business to end lives. If we are to be consistent we should stop funding Planned Parenthood, and redirect those tax dollars to America’s second biggest killer, heart disease. It’s a no-brainer.